Gossen's Green Commitment

At Gossen®, we strive to be responsible citizens. We are always concerned about the impact our manufacturing processes and products have on the environment.

The Green building movement is in its infancy and struggles to define what "green" really means. In the U.S., there are 89 different Green building codes written by local, state and national agencies. Gossen makes every effort to comply with the best available Green-technology.

There are some important reasons why Vinyl (PVC) is considered Green by many influential Green Councils. One major reason is its sustainable life-cycle which reduces landfill waste. In February 2007, the USGBC-LEED Council reversed the negative credit for use of Vinyl in construction because of its proven sustainable life-cycle.

Concerns about global warming have placed increased emphasis on carbon neutral or low CO2 emission building products. Gossen's Cellular Vinyl meets these lower emission standards. Japan, Germany and soon Canada will offer tax incentives for using Vinyl in fenestration (window) projects.

Our corporate commitment includes the use of energy-efficient manufacturing equipment. We also recycle the water used in cooling and reclaim 99% of our waste. Depending on the product requirements, our formulas include Post-Industrial and/or Post-Consumer recycled Vinyl.

Some of the many ecological advantages of Gossen's Cellular Vinyl formulas are:
  • Safe for your family — does not leach harmful chemicals
  • Low maintenance — reduces VOC coatings and toxic cleaners
  • Excellent insulation properties — 60% greater R-Value than wood
  • 100% recyclable — reduces landfill waste
  • Requires 50% less petroleum than other common plastics
  • Consumes less energy to produce than many other plastics

Gossen's Green commitment is your assurance that our family of products is not only durable and beautiful — but is an environmentally-wise investment.