Gossen recommends a high quality fastener that meets the following specifications:
  • #8 stainless steel screw (Trim head screws are most common) Coordinating colors are available.
  • Minimum length 2-1/4" (for elevations above 6,000 feet a minimum length of 2-3/4" inches long is required)
  • Pre-drilling is not required.
  • Do not use composite deck screws.

Gossen fastener Starborn screw and plug Face screwing directly to the joist is Gossen's recommended method of installation. For a hidden fastener look, use Starborn Pro Plug System.

Recommended Fastener Systems
The following Fastener Systems have been 3rd party tested and approved with Gossen Decking.
  • Starborn Pro Plug System (Approved for use with Solid Deck Boards)
  • Starborn Headcote Stainless Steel Screws (Approved for use with Solid Deck Boards)
  • Grabber Deckmaster G5 Clips (Approved for use with Kerfed Deck Boards)
  • Mantis Deck Clip System (Approved for use with Kerfed Deck Boards)

Gossen fastener Mantis clip Other Hidden Fasteners
Gossen's Warranty does not cover any movement, contraction, waving, squeaking, or bounce that is the direct result of the fasteners not holding the Deck Board in place. These issues must be communicated to your installer and/or the fastener company. Movement of Boards due to fastener failure is not covered by Gossen's Warranty.

Gossen Decking is available with an optional factory grooved edge designed for use with hidden fasteners. Each fastener must hold the Board securely to the substructure.

Gossen fastener Deckmaster clip Important Considerations When Selecting a Hidden Fastener
  • Fasteners must hold Board securely to the joist (do not use fasteners that allow for Board movement of any kind).
  • Groove dimensions: 5/32" wide x 3/8" deep (0.420" profile)
  • Hidden fasteners are not recommended for installations above 6,500 feet.
  • For greater rigidity, consider 12"-on-center joist spacing, especially when using hidden fasteners.
  • To prevent movement, face-screw or toe-screw at butt joints.
  • Grabber Deckmaster G5 clips have been tested and approved for use with Gossen Kerfed Decking. Other hidden fastening systems not mentioned have not been third party tested. Therefore, Gossen does not recommend them.