Deck Build Video

This detailed video examines the process of brainstorming and designing a Gossen deck with a professional deck designer, the demolition of an older wood deck, as well as the construction of a brand new Gossen Cellular PVC deck.

Eric Stalemark, a professional deck designer, sat down with Jennifer and Jason to talk about the style and specifications they were looking for in their dream deck. Growing up on the East coast, Jennifer and Jason were excited to build a Cape Cod style deck that is complete with multiple levels, lots of square footage, planter boxes, a shade structure and cascading stairs.

The deck was constructed with Gossen Tuscan Cherry deck boards, Gossen vinyl trim, Bigfoot Systems footing forms and EB TY deck fasteners. The combination of all of these top of the line products and expert craftsmanship makes this deck a one of a kind masterpiece and wonderful space for Jason and Jennifer to enjoy for years to come.