About Gossen

About Gossen

A History (and Future) of Innovation

For over 80 years, Gossen has thrived on innovation. In 1928, Martin Gossen founded the company after inventing the first spring-loaded window sash-balance, which eliminated the counterbalancing weight system for windows. In the 1960s, Martin's son, Jack, brought polyvinyl chloride (PVC) technology from Europe, wooing chemist Gabriel Hostalet of Spain and tooling expert Karl Beuhler of Germany to the US to work for Gossen. Together, they developed a "free expansion" process for extrusion, in which the raw material expands when exposed to air. In 1973, the company was sold to U.S. Gypsum, one of the largest distributors of building materials in the country. In turn, the Butterfield family purchased Gossen in 1985; once again making the company a family owned and operated business.

Looking to expand Gossen, industry experts Jef Butterfield and Bob Simon combined their knowledge and experience to develop a new way of doing business. Instead of living in a corporate climate in which many employees work to satisfy few managers, all employees are encouraged to identify customer needs and design processes to fulfill those needs. Teamwork and continuous learning and teaching foster Gossen's spirit of innovation, which creates value for employees and customers.

Today, dynamic teams of entrepreneurs are empowered to drive innovation, working together to conceptualize and execute cutting edge ideas in order to meet the needs of tomorrow's customers. This culture allows Gossen to perform global research to responsibly develop unique performance technologies and manufacturing processes, allowing Gossen to both grow with the times and set new standards. Currently, Gossen's customer base spans the globe with customers on six continents.

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